Scientist Have never seen like this Avian Flu virus that killed a huge number of wild birds

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Scientists are shocked to see how a virus is killing large numbers of wild animals at once. This virus is a type of Avian Flu virus that has killed millions of wild birds over the past few years. The virus originated from poultry farms in the US, the UK, and various other countries.

Avian Flu Virus kills farmed birds in different ways. Thus it has spread slowly to different places. And as a result, wild birds are in great danger. The virus sickened many birds at once and killed them.

This virus is killing an endangered bird species called California condor. And besides, various chickens are getting damaged due to this and are not able to lay eggs, so the price of eggs is increasing a lot.

Scientists have said that they have not seen such a dangerous virus before. And day after day this virus has spread to different subcontinent countries including the USA. And the consequences will be very dire, he said.

Scientists have identified this situation as a bird pandemic, just like the Corona Pandemic was going on all over the world due to Corona a few years ago.

What we’re seeing right now is uncharted territory,” said Andrew Ramey, a wildlife geneticist at the US Geological Survey (from The number of bird deaths caused by this virus has already become history.

Scientists have also reported that avian influenza viruses are capable of killing birds with various diseases. This virus is most effective on chickens and geese. If it spreads in a group of birds, then this dangerous virus is capable of killing about 90% of the birds in that group.

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