Red Peacock: Are Red Peacocks Real? (Real Truth in 2023)

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Red peacocks are a beautiful and unique species of peacock that is known for its vibrant red plumage. However, many people wonder if red peacocks are real or if they are just a myth.

We’re all familiar with the resplendent Indian Peafowl, famous for its iridescent blue and green plumage.

But have you ever wondered if there’s such a thing as a “Red Peacock”? In this article, we will explore the truth behind the existence of red peacocks.

Red Peacock Real or Fake?

Yes, the Red peacock has red feathers on their entire body and wings if they really exist on Earth. Wait! Red peacocks don’t exist on Earth. So, the actual answer is no. 

What Are Red Peacocks?

A red peacock is a peacock with red feathers. Peacocks are typically blue and green, but red peacocks are a result of a genetic mutation.

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A Closer Look at Peacock Varieties

Peafowls are known for their stunning and colorful plumage. The Indian Peafowl, commonly found in Asia, is the most recognized member of the peafowl family.

This bird boasts striking blue and green feathers with an eye-catching tail that can be fanned into a breathtaking display.

But are there other color variations in peacocks? Yes, indeed. Peacocks can display a range of colors, and one of the variations that pique curiosity is the “Red Peacock.”

The Truth About Red Peacock

Red peacocks get their red color from a genetic mutation. This mutation causes the peacocks to produce a protein called psittacofulvin. Psittacofulvin is the same protein that gives parrots their red feathers.

Myth vs. Reality

The concept of a “Red Peacock” has long been a topic of fascination and debate. Some believe that red peacocks are a distinct species, while others think they might be a genetic mutation or a rare variation of the Indian Peafowl.

In reality, there is no such thing as a true “Red Peacock.” The striking and captivating images circulating on the internet are often the result of photo manipulation, lighting, or filters.

Red-toned plumage in peafowls results from lighting conditions or camera settings and is not a natural characteristic of the bird.

Misleading Images

It’s essential to be cautious when coming across pictures of red peacocks, especially on the internet. Such images can be misleading, and it’s vital to understand the natural coloration of peacocks, primarily blue and green, to avoid confusion.

Blue and Green: The True Colors of Peacocks

Understanding the Indian Peafowl

The Indian Peafowl, scientifically known as Pavo cristatus, is the most widely recognized species in the peafowl family. It’s the male Indian Peafowl that displays the remarkable, colorful plumage.

The striking blue and green feathers, along with the iconic “eye” pattern on the tail feathers, are their defining features.

Seasonal Changes

It’s interesting to note that the vivid colors of peacocks can vary depending on their age and the time of year. During the breeding season, males often display their most vibrant plumage to attract females. However, outside of this period, their colors may appear less vibrant.


In the world of birds, the Indian Peafowl, with its blue and green plumage, reigns supreme. While the concept of red peacocks might seem alluring, it’s crucial to understand that they are not a separate species or a natural variation.

The images of “Red Peacocks” that circulate are typically a result of photo editing or lighting effects. To appreciate the true beauty of peafowls, one must admire their natural colors and the dazzling display they create during the mating season. So, in answer to the question, “Are Red Peacocks Real?” the simple and definitive answer is, no, they are not.

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