What is the Loud Blue Bird in Colorado?

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If you’ve ever hiked in the forests of Colorado, you may have seen or heard a bird that catches your eye and ear.

It is the loudest blue bird you have ever found in Colorado. Also, it is the loud blue bird that you may have seen flying around with its bright blue feather.

The Loud Blue Bird in Colorado

Steller's Jay
Image: Steller’s Jay

This bird is called Steller’s Jay. The Steller’s Jay is a medium-sized bird with blue and black feathers. It has a distinct crest on its head and a long, sharp beak.

You can easily identify this bird because of its bright blue feathers.

If you visit Colorado or already live in this state, you may see the Steller’s Jay in Rocky Mountain National Park, in the San Juan Mountains, or other wooded areas.

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Where to See Them in Colorado?

The Steller’s Jay can be found in Colorado’s mountainous regions, especially in areas with dense coniferous forests and woodlands.

Rocky Mountain National Park: This popular national park is home to Steller’s Jay. Keep an eye out for the bird on hikes through the park’s forests and mountains.

Pike National Forest: Located southwest of Denver, Pike National Forest has many trails and camping areas where you can easily see Steller’s Jay.

San Juan National Forest: This national forest in southwestern Colorado has many hiking trails that wind through the mountains and forests, where you may see Steller’s Jay.

Arapaho National Forest: This forest is located just west of Denver and has many trails and campgrounds where you can easily spot Steller’s Jay.

Steller’s Jay Sound

video: Steller’s Jay sound

The Steller’s Jay is commonly known for their loud and distinctive calls.

Its call can be described as a harsh, nasal “shack-shack-shack” or a loud, piercing “jay-jay-jay.”

You can easily hear its call through the forests of Colorado.

Interesting Fun Facts

Did you know that the Steller’s Jay can mimic the calls of other birds and even sounds made by humans?

Yes, they can mimic other birds and every sound made by humans.

  • The Steller’s Jay is known for its intelligence.
  • The Steller’s Jay is an Adaptable bird.
  • They can eat insects, seeds, berries, and even small animals.
  • The Steller’s Jay is named after Georg Wilhelm Steller, a German naturalist who first discovered the bird in Alaska in the 18th century.
  • They use mud to build their nests just like Blue Jay.


In conclusion, Steller’s Jay is the loud blue bird that you may have seen or heard in the forests of Colorado. Its bright blue feathers and distinctive calls make it a unique and beautiful bird to spot. Keep an eye out for this remarkable bird, and you may be lucky enough to hear its calls and see it in all its blue beauty.

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