What are the Neon Green Birds in Florida?

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We know that Florida is a beautiful place for different types of birds. All the common birds including hawks, egrets, bluebirds, eagles, owls, and pelicans live here.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to the 7 neon green birds in Florida. So let’s dive in.

7 Neon Green Birds in Florida

There are so many green birds in Florida. But we took only 7 birds for you, those have a pure neon green color. Some of the Neon Green Birds in Florida include –

  • Nanday Parakeet
  • Rose-ringed Parakeet
  • Red-crowned Amazon
  • Mitred Parakeet
  • Orange-winged Amazon
  • Red-lored Amazon
  • Green Parakeet

So let’s explore these birds’ habitats, diets, identification, characteristics, etc.

1. Nanday Parakeet:

Black-hooded Parakeet
Image: Nanday Parakeet

If we talk about a green bird with a black head in Florida, then this Nanday Parakeet’s name is always on the top of the list. This bird’s other name is the “Black-hooded Parakeet“.

They are very popular pet birds all over the world. They have neon green color on their entire body except for the black head, wings, and red or pinkish legs.

This bird is 11 or 12 inches tall and weighs around 140 grams. They are native to Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia.

Nanday Parakeet Mostly eats fruits, nuts, berries, vegetables, grapes, apples, broccoli, tomatoes, eggs, meat, and fish also.

Where to find in Florida: In Florida, you can find these birds so many places including Sarasota, Pinellas, manatees, and Palm Beach.

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2. Rose-ringed Parakeet

Rose-Ringed Parakeet
image: Rose-Ringed Parakeet

Rose-ringed Parakeet is a neon green or bright green parakeet found in Florida. Rose-ringed Parakeet is also known as the “ring-necked parakeet“.

This medium-sized bird is mostly found in parks, gardens, and woodland.

This bird can grow up to 16 inches in length with a single wingspan of 5 to 7 inches. They eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, and seeds.

Where to find them in Florida: In Florida, they are found in grasslands, shrubland, rainforests, savanna, mangroves, and wetlands.

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3. Red-crowned Amazon:

Red crowned parakeet
Image: Red-crowned parakeet

Red-crowned parakeet is neon green birds in Florida with large tails. These long tails parrots have rounded wings and redheads.

You can easily identify these birds by their bright yellow-green plumage.

They have neon green bodies with blue wings, redheads, and white-black beaks. They are native to New Zealand.

Red-crowned parakeets mostly eat seeds and fruits. Also, their other food is vegetables, nuts, leaves, buds, flowers, etc.

Where to find them in Florida: In Florida, they are found in rainforests, scrubland, coastal forests, and open areas.

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4. Mitered Parakeet:

Mitred parakeet
Image: Mitred parakeet

Mitred Parakeet is another neon green color bird in Florida. They are also known as Mitred Conure.

Mitred Parakeets love to stay in the woodland and forest.

They mostly eat fruits, vegetables, crops, nuts, and seeds. They are boisterous birds in Florida.

You can easily find this bird in the forest or woodlands of Florida.

It has a full green color body and red color face. The scientific name of Mitred parakeet is Psittacara Mitratus.

If we considered their tail and whole body they can grow up to 15 inches long.

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5. Orange-winged Amazon:

Orange-winged Amazon
image: Orange-winged Amazon

The other names of this species are an orange-winged parrot. They can grow up to 13 inches long and weighs around 350 grams.

Orange-winged Amazon birds have a fully neon green body with blue and yellow feathers on their face.

Also, they have Orange wings and tails. They mostly live in tropical moist forests, savanna, and mangrove.

Orange-winged Amazon eats seeds, blossoms, leaf buds, nuts, and berries. Also, they can eat mangoes, palm trees, and oranges.

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6. Red-lored Amazon

Red lored Amazon
Image: Red-lored Amazon

Red-lored Amazon also known as a red-lored parrot is a species of amazon parrot.

These species of amazon love to stay in forests, rainforests, and wild areas.

They are herbivores. They mostly eat seeds, nuts, blossoms, fruit, berries, and leaf buds.

In Florida, you can easily find these species of bird in forests and rainforest areas.

7. Green Parakeet:

green parakeet
image: green parakeet

Green parakeets are birds with bright green feathers and a grey crown on their head that looks like a hood.

Green Parakeets are primarily found in South America, also other parts of the world.

These parakeet species are very social birds and live in large groups.

They are also known for their ability to mimic different sounds like human speech, or some other sounds. They eat insects and other small animals.


In conclusion, Florida is a heaven place for birds. But some bird species of Florida have a neon green color including a green parakeet, Nanday Parakeet, Red-crowned Amazon, etc. So, connect with us to explore more birds, doves, herons, hawks, and owls found all over America’s different states.

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