Red Peacock Real or Fake: Know the Real Truth in 2023

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Peacocks (Peafowl) are one of the most beautiful bird species in the world. If we talk about the top 5 most beautiful birds in the world, definitely Peacocks are among them.

Peacocks have many colors including white, blue, green, silver, golden, gray, etc.

But have you heard about Red peacocks or Purple Peacocks

In this blog post, we will discuss everything about the red peacock. So please give me 2 minutes and I will tell you the truth about the Red peacock. 

Red Peacock Real or Fake?

Yes, the Red peacock has red feathers on their entire body and wings if they really exist on Earth. Wait! Red peacocks don’t exist on Earth. So, the actual answer is no. 

Are there red peacocks?

No, there are no red peacocks. The most common colors of peacocks are blue and green, but they can also be found in black, white, and purple.

There are approximately 20 different colors of peacocks, but red is not one of them.

The images and videos of red peacocks that you may have seen online are likely photoshopped. There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of red peacocks.

Is the Red Peacock video Real? 

I spent my time on YouTube and suddenly I saw a video about Red Peacock. After seeing the video I immediately researched these species. But everything fails, there is no red peacock that exists on Earth. 

Video: Red Peacock Real or Fake

So, after 3 hours of research about Red Peacocks, I will say that the YouTube video about Red Peacocks is actually not accurate.

They make the video with color filters. You can also make these types of videos yourself within 15 to 30 minutes. 

Is there any peacock that has a red spot or red color? 

The answer is Yes. There is a Peacock species found in Africa named the Congo Peacock. They have color on their head or neck. That’s why some people also say the African Congo Peacock is the Red Peacock. 

Can a peacock have red feathers?

No, peacocks do not have red feathers. The color of a peacock’s feathers is determined by the type of pigment they contain, and red is not a color that can be created by either melanin or carotenoids, the two types of pigments that peacocks have.

What would happen if the Red Peacock really existed? 

There are so many problems that they will face including habitat loss, human conflicts, and Poaching. One main problem they will face is Poaching. 

People are very bad about birds. They will somehow manage to capture those birds for thousands of dollars.

So, Poaching will be a dangerous problem they will face if they still exist on earth. 

If the Red Peacock still exists where will it be found? 

I think they will be found in the Eastern United States, India, or Africa.

We know most of the red birds live in the United States, that’s why they could be found in this country.

The peacock is the National Bird of India, poaching didn’t work in this country that’s why I said India. Also, the rarest White Peacock found in India. 

What will be their food? 

Most Peacock species eat insects, grains, corn, plant materials, fruits, and seeds. Also, they prefer to eat small animals including snakes, rats, and even squirrels. We can say that Red Peacocks also eat just like their brother. 


In conclusion, the Red Peacock is the most beautiful peacock species in the world, but unfortunately, they don’t really exist on Earth. Even White Peacocks are only found in India. We need to educate more people about these birds. This is the only path to grow the population of these species. 

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