Discover 5 Types of Pink Birds in Alabama (2023)

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Alabama is home to a variety of bird species, but few are as striking as the pink birds.

These beautiful pink-coloured birds are a rare sight, but they can be found in certain parts of the state, such as the Gulf Coast and the Mobile-Tensaw Delta.

Did you know that Alabama has some really special birds that are pink in colour?

These birds add a burst of colour to the beautiful nature of Alabama. We’re going to learn about these pink birds and why they’re so cool!

Alabama’s wetlands and watery places are home to pink birds that stand out with their bright colours.

Why Are They Pink?

Have you ever wondered why these birds are pink? Well, it’s because of their food!

They eat things like shrimps and algae, and that’s what makes them pink.

It’s like magic – the special things they eat have colours that turn their feathers pink!

Pink Birds in Alabama

  • Roseate Spoonbill
  • Flamingos
  • House Finch
  • Anna’s Hummingbird
  • Purple Finch

1. Roseate Spoonbill

Roseate Spoonbill
image: Roseate Spoonbill

The roseate spoonbill is a big bird with a long spoon-like bill. It lives near the water and eats small things like shrimp and crabs.

Grown-up spoonbills are mostly pink and have white heads. Their bill is bright pink and their legs are red.

Baby spoonbills are mostly white, but they have a little pink on their heads.

Sometimes, the roseate spoonbill visits Alabama, especially by the coasts like the Gulf Coast and Mobile-Tensaw Delta.

But, there’s a problem – there aren’t as many as before because they’re losing their homes and things are getting dirty where they live.

If you want to see a roseate spoonbill in Alabama, here’s how:

  1. Look in wet places near the water, like swamps.
  2. Check for its long, spoon-shaped bill – it’s special.
  3. Notice its pretty pink feathers. The best time to see them is in spring and summer when they’re having babies.

2. Flamingos

American Flamingos
image: American Flamingos

Flamingos are like special pink birds in Alabama. They visit for a very short time, and when they do, they make everyone look and smile!

These tall birds have long legs and are super pink. Their pink colour comes from the yummy things they eat in the water. They’re like nature’s pink artists!

Flamingos love watery places, like swamps and ponds. They’re good at flying and even make shapes in the sky when they fly together. They’re like a pink parade up there!

3. House Finch

House Finch
image: House Finch

Other pink birds in Alabama are House Finches. They are beautiful birds with pinkish features on their body or head.

You might have seen house finches around your home. They’re not all pink, but the boy ones have red on their heads and tummies that look pinkish.

These birds are friendly and like to live close to people. They sing pretty songs that make mornings happy!

House finches live in towns, cities, and anywhere with houses.

They build nests in nooks and crannies, even in your yard sometimes! They eat seeds and fruits, and you can see them hopping around looking for snacks.

4. Anna’s Hummingbirds

Anna's Hummingbirds
Image: Anna’s Hummingbirds

Meet the tiniest birds Hummingbird Species are Anna’s hummingbirds! They’re like little flying gems.

The boys have pink throats that shine when the sun hits them.

Hummingbirds are like superheroes in the bird world – they can hover in the air and zip around like lightning!

Anna’s hummingbirds like flowers a lot. They drink nectar, which is like sweet flower juice.

They’re so fast that you might only catch a glimpse of them before they zip away!

5. Purple Finch

Purple Finch
image: Purple Finch

Purple finches aren’t exactly pink, but they have bits of reddish-purple that look really cool.

These finches are like the artists of the forest with their fancy colours. They sing beautiful songs that make the woods feel like a concert hall.

You can find purple finches in the woods and places with trees. They’re good at hiding in leaves, but you can spot them by their pretty colours and lovely tunes.

Watching Pink Birds is Fun

People who love watching birds, called birdwatchers, really enjoy looking at these pink birds in Alabama.

Imagine seeing a whole group of pink birds flying together – it’s like a pink parade in the sky!

Some places in Alabama are perfect for watching these birds, and people come from all around to see them.

Let’s Protect These Birds

We need to be kind to these pink birds and their homes. Wetlands and places near water are important for them.

If we take care of their homes and keep them safe, we can make sure they’ll always be around for us to enjoy.


When you look up at the sky in Alabama, you might be lucky enough to see these amazing pink birds. They bring happiness to nature with their special colours. Flamingos and roseate spoonbills make Alabama’s nature even more beautiful. By taking care of them and the places they live, we can keep enjoying the pink wonders of Alabama’s skies for many years to come!

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