OSU Installs Bird-Friendly Windows to Save Millions of Birds (Cost $118,000)

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Oklahoma State University (OSU) recently did something really cool to help birds stay safe around their buildings. They put up special windows at Gallagher-Iba Arena and the Noble Research Center so that birds can see better. These windows cost $118,000 and were paid for by a special grant from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Video: OSU Installs Bird-Friendly Windows to Save Millions of Birds

The new windows are important because sometimes birds accidentally crash into regular windows, which can hurt or even kill them. In the United States, almost 1 billion birds die each year because of these accidents. OSU decided to do something about it, and they’re one of the first big schools to take such a big step.

These special windows are made of a type of glass called “Feather Friendly.” This glass has dots on it that are spread about 4 inches apart.

These dots help break up the mirror-like reflection of the glass, so birds can see it better and don’t fly into it. And guess what? The dots are invisible to people, so the windows still look great!

OSU is also doing other things to keep birds safe:

  1. Teaching People: They’re telling students and staff about the problem of birds hitting windows and how to stop it from happening.
  2. Adding Screens: They’re putting screens on windows that birds might crash into. These screens help birds know there’s something there.
  3. Turning Off Lights: At night, they’re turning off lights that might confuse birds and make them fly into buildings.

OSU really cares about birds and wants to protect them. These new windows are a big deal because they show that OSU is working hard to keep birds safe and happy. It’s like a superhero movie for the birds and the environment!

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