5 Green Birds in Sarasota Florida

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Green bird species are the most beautiful species found in Sarasota Florida. There are several stunning types of green birds found in this area.

Most of the bird species are not native to this place but they were regularly seen in Sarasota. Some birds are found in Urban areas, and some are found in trees, jungles, open fields etc.

What are the green birds in Sarasota Florida?

There are 5 green birds that live in Sarasota, Florida. These birds are

  • Monk Parakeet
  • Green Heron
  • Painted Bunting
  • Green Jay
  • Green-Winged Teals

Let’s discover these birds’ habitats, foods, the best places to see them, etc.

Monk Parakeet

Monk Parakeet
image: Monk Parakeet

Monk Parakeets are also known as Quaker Parrots. They live in Sarasota, Florida. These birds are not native to the area but were brought to the United States as pets.

They now live in many states including Florida. Monk Parakeets like to live in big groups and make their nests out of sticks and twigs on utility poles, trees, and other tall things.

They eat things like seeds, fruits, and nuts. Some people think they are a problem, but others like them because of their pretty colours.

You can try to find them in parks and residential areas where they might be nesting.

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Green Heron

Green Heron
image: Green Heron

Green Herons live in Sarasota, Florida. They are small wading birds with dark green backs, wings, and a chestnut neck and belly.

They like to be near water, like swamps, marshes, and ponds.

Green Herons mostly hunt alone and eat small fish, crustaceans, and insects. To spot one, look for them near water sources in Sarasota.

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Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting
Image: Painted Bunting

Painted Buntings are green birds that can be found in Sarasota, Florida. These bright-coloured birds have green, blue, and red feathers. Males’ painted bunting is more colourful than females’.

Painted Buntings love to eat seeds and insects. This species of bird is most active during the morning and late afternoon.

They live in brushy habitats and can be seen in gardens, parks, and fields. If you want to see these birds look for them in these types of habitats in Sarasota.

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Green Jay

Green Jay
Image: Green Jay

Green Jays are colourful birds sometimes found in southern Sarasota, Florida.

They have green feathers on their head, back, and wings, with yellow underparts and blue markings on their wings and tail.

Green Jays like to be with other birds and can be seen in small groups in wooded areas, orchards, and parks.

They eat bugs, fruit, and small animals like lizards and snakes. To find a Green Jay in Sarasota, look for them in wooded areas or parks with fruit trees.

Green-Winged Teals

Green-winged teal
Image: Green-winged teal

Green-winged Teals are small duck species that can be found in Sarasota, Florida. They can be seen during the winter months in this place.

They have brownish-grey bodies with a green stripe on their head, a white crescent on their face, and a bright green patch on their wings.

Green-winged Teals like to live near shallow water such as ponds, marshes, and tidal flats.

These green birds in Florida love to eat seeds, aquatic plants, and some small aquatic animals like insects and crustaceans.

If you want to see these birds then look for them near shallow water habitats during the winter months.


To sum up, Sarasota, Florida has many different types of green birds such as the Green Heron, Painted Bunting, Green Jay, and Green-winged Teal. Each bird has its own distinct features and likes to live in different habitats. If you enjoy watching birds, Sarasota is a great place to see these colourful green birds in their natural surroundings.

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