Duck Hunting in Argentina: Best Time, Seasons, Places, Limits, Prices

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The best time to hunt ducks in Argentina is generally from May to August or September. Different duck species migrate to different parts of the country at various times.

Before you go duck hunting, research the region you want to visit. Contact local hunting outfitters or guides for the best and most recent information about the ideal times for duck hunting in that area.

Best Time to Hunt Ducks in Argentina

The best time to hunt ducks in Argentina is during the spring and fall when the ducks are migrating.

The spring season runs from September to November, and the fall season runs from March to May. During these times, the ducks are more abundant and easier to find.

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Duck Hunting Seasons in Argentina

The duck hunting season in Argentina runs from May to August. The season is divided into three periods:

  • Period 1: May 1 – May 31
  • Period 2: June 1 – July 31
  • Period 3: August 1 – August 31

Best Places to Hunt Ducks in Argentina

Here are some of the best places to go duck hunting in Argentina:

  • The Delta del Paraná is a large wetlands area in northeastern Argentina. It is a habitat for different types of ducks, such as mallards, pintails, and shovelers.
  • Estero del Iberá is a big wetlands area in northeastern Argentina. It has a wide variety of duck species, including wood ducks, scaup, and redheads.
  • The Pampas is a large grassland area in central Argentina. It is home to different types of ducks, such as ruddy ducks, black ducks, and gadwalls.

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Argentina Duck Hunting Limits

The daily bag limit is 20 ducks per hunter. There are some restrictions on the ducks that can be hunted, so be sure to check the regulations before you go.

Argentina Duck Hunting Prices

The price of duck hunting in Argentina can vary based on the trip duration, accommodations, and included services. Here are some examples of prices for duck hunting trips in Argentina:

  • 3-day trip: $2,500 – $3,500 per hunter
  • 5-day trip: $4,000 – $5,000 per hunter
  • 7-day trip: $5,500 – $7,000 per hunter

The prices usually cover accommodations, meals, transportation, guides, and hunting permits. Some packages might also include ammunition and gun rental fees.

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The cost of duck hunting in Argentina depends on:

  1. Time of year: Prices are highest during peak season (June-July).
  2. Location: The Delta del Paraná can be more expensive.
  3. Accommodations: The type of lodging chosen affects the cost.
  4. Services included: Some packages include ammunition and gun rental, while others don’t.

Argentina Duck Hunting Species

In Argentina, some common duck species that can be hunted include:

  1. Mallard
  2. Pintail
  3. Shoveler
  4. Wood Duck
  5. Scaup
  6. Redhead
  7. Ruddy Duck
  8. Black Duck
  9. Gadwall

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there may be other duck species available for hunting in Argentina.

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Argentina Duck Hunting Regulations

To hunt ducks in Argentina, remember these simple guidelines:

  1. Get a hunting license from local authorities.
  2. Follow the specified bag limits.
  3. Hunt during the designated season.
  4. Use approved hunting methods.
  5. Respect protected species.
  6. Ensure firearm safety and necessary permits.

For accurate details, consult local hunting authorities or outfitters.


Argentina is famous for duck hunting. It has lots of ducks and good weather. If you want a thrilling and rewarding hunting experience, Argentina is the place to go. Book your trip now and enjoy duck hunting in Argentina, the best destination for duck hunting.

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