Discover When Hummingbirds Leave Alaska in 2023/2024

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Hummingbirds are amazing creatures with bright colors and super-speed wings. In Alaska, they visit only in summer and enchant us with their beauty and agility.

In this blog post, we’ll look at when they arrive, when they depart, where they head, and how to bring them to your garden before their yearly trip. Let’s get started

The Hummingbird Species in Alaska

We all know that Hummingbirds are the world’s smallest, colorful birds that are found all over the world.

When Do Hummingbirds Leave Alaska?

The rufous hummingbirds start to leave Alaska in late August or early September. They fly south to Mexico and Central America, where they spend the winter.

The Anna’s hummingbirds stay in Alaska a little longer, and they may not leave until October or even November. Also, discover when hummingbirds leave Alabama.

Where Do Hummingbirds Go Once They Leave Alaska?

The rufous hummingbirds fly non-stop over the Pacific Ocean to Mexico and Central America. They make this journey in just a few days!

The Anna’s hummingbirds fly south to California and Oregon, where they spend the winter.

Some of them fly thousands of miles to reach their wintering grounds. It’s an astonishing feat for such tiny birds!

When Do Hummingbirds Come Back to Alaska?

Alaskan residents eagerly await the return of these delightful birds.

The rufous hummingbirds start to return to Alaska in late March or early April.

The Anna’s hummingbirds return to Alaska in late April or early May.

Do Hummingbirds Return to the Same Place Every Year in Alaska?

So, if you’ve created a welcoming environment for them in your backyard, you can expect them to visit again.

Signs of Hummingbird Migration

There are a few signs that indicate that hummingbirds are starting to migrate. These signs include:

  • The hummingbirds start to become more active.
  • They start to gather in flocks.
  • They start to build up fat reserves.
  • They may start to migrate south.

They might visit your feeders less frequently, or you might notice fewer sightings as they prepare for their journey south.

These signs indicate that they’re getting ready to leave.

Reasons Behind Their Migration

Hummingbirds fly away for two main reasons:

Hungry Birds: They need to eat, but in Alaska, the food gets scarce during the fall. So, they go elsewhere to find yummy nectar.

Chasing Sunshine: Alaska gets chilly in the fall, and hummingbirds like it warm. So, they follow the sun to stay cozy.

Tips for Attracting Hummingbirds Before They Leave?

To bring hummingbirds to your yard before they head south for the winter, try these steps:

Hang a Hummingbird Feeder: Put up a feeder filled with sweet nectar. It’s like a bird restaurant!

Plant Pretty Flowers: Grow flowers that hummingbirds love. They adore colorful blooms.

Offer Water: Set up a little birdbath or fountain. Hummingbirds need a sip now and then.

Go Pesticide-Free: Keep your yard free from harmful chemicals. It’s safer for the birds.

By doing these things, you’ll make your yard a hummingbird paradise and enjoy their beauty all summer long.


Alaska’s hummingbirds are nature’s marvels, making two big trips each year. When they leave, we eagerly await their return to our gardens. With these simple tips, even kids can create a special place for these charming birds and see their beauty before they go on their amazing journey. Enjoy the hummingbird season to the fullest!

Resource: Alaska Government

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