Brave Woman Saves Nearly Extinct Birds from Big Fire on Maui Island

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Wow, guess what? There’s a superhero named Jennifer Pribble! She takes care of special birds at the Maui Bird Conservation Center. But one day, there was a big fire that came close to the birds’ home.

This happened on August 8, 2023. The fire started and went fast near the centre. Jennifer and her neighbour saw the smoke and fire. They didn’t waste time. They got water hoses and fire extinguishers. They fought the fire so it wouldn’t reach where the birds live. These birds are really rare and almost gone forever, like the Hawaiian honeycreeper, Maui parrotbill, and Maui tukutuku.

A camera caught how Jennifer became a hero. She ran to the fire and sprayed water to stop it. Then she grabbed a fire extinguisher and used it too. Thanks to her, many birds stayed safe, and everyone thinks she was super brave.

The Maui Bird Conservation Center is like a bird home with over 1,000 birds. Lots of them are in danger of disappearing. This place takes care of them, helps them have babies, learns about them, and teaches others too. The fire was bad, but Jennifer helped the birds stay out of danger.

The fire on Maui shows how our world is changing because of the weather. The island is getting hotter and drier, and that makes fires happen more. The Maui Bird Conservation Center isn’t the only place affected by fires. We need to help the Earth by stopping things that make the weather change.

More about the fire and the bird place:

  • The fire burned a big area and even houses got hurt.
  • The Maui Bird Conservation Center is in the West Maui Mountains.
  • People started the centre in 1994 to help special Hawaiian birds.
  • They take care of more than 100 birds, and 22 of them are almost gone forever.
  • This is one of the only places where we can see these amazing rare birds.”
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